Farmers Learn Productivity Improvement

Poultry farmers have been asked to consider conserving poultry diversity and adopt good farming practices, including good farm management, in order to stay profitable.

Emmanuel Kwarteng, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Africagro, said low productivity and poor waste management do not allow the sector to reach its full potential.

Addressing poultry farmers at a day’s sensitization workshop at Ejisu, the Africagro boss stated that the country’s poultry farmers could potentially supply a significant amount of meat and eggs, if interventions, including healthy foods, are applied to improve productivity.

He believes improved poultry production is likely to localize livelihood benefits, pointing out that what farmers are currently lacking are ready markets and finance, and asked them to partner with Africagro to overcome these challenges.

According to him, poultry farmers need to work on delivering healthy eggs and fowls and this could guarantee them the market, adding that Africagro has come to help them out, by offering the best of feeds and other agriculture products.

“We are here to give solution to farmers’ problems. We have good products. They can count on us because we have partners all over to assist them in any way possible,” Mr Kwarteng stated.