To ensure the success and the sustainability of a farm business, one has to have the following qualities and the desire to stay in business and achieve more in doing the soil business.

Passion – every individual interested in venturing in the business of farming and its related agro base business must be strong and controllable emotions to succeed in the business. The individual must love the work he/she is engaged in. this will help you cope with failure and keep you working towards success.

 Knowledge – to be successful in the farm and agro-base businesses one has to be abreast with facts, information and skills revolting in the business of choice. This will help to improve productivity and increase products and services and boost higher returns. For instance, one must always have facts and information on farming methods, climate conditions and other based of farming to be in business and become successful. Knowledge is vital but keeps on changing and one must follow the trend to be in business.

 Problem Solving Abilities/Skills – running a farm and agro-base businesses have set backs and unforeseen circumstances that may need a pragmatic and creative thinking to have the problem solved. Individual in this venture must possess these thinking caps to address problems and be innovative to keep the business productive and smooth.

 Marketing Skills – to succeed in a farm and agro-base business one has to have the ability to market the products and service provided in a diverse ways. With modern social media handles one can use to market their products and services to the desire audiences, consumers or clients.

 Perseverance – an individual in a farm and agro-base business must be strong and persistent to achieving success and enjoying the benefits. Farm business can be devastating as a whole farm can be loss accidentally and require one to be courageous and hope for the best.

Access to Information – to be successful and take advantage of the full benefits of the farm and agro-base venture one must have access to information concerning the business to be on track. Information on production, management, and marketing are all necessary to enhance a healthy business.

 Motivation – to succeed an individual must have the desire and the drive to do more on whatever product or service one is engaged in and achieving success. Without motivation one cannot succeed well and keep balance in the business of agriculture.
Possession of these above qualities would help to keep you in business and when one has these qualities he/she is in business of products and services in agriculture.

Abass Iddrisu – Journalist